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Why 3D Selfie
Like the first smile of your baby, rejoicing time with your family, it’s memories that makes life beautiful and worth living. We have been using two dimensional photographs to capture moments since hundred years, it’s time to upgrade and try 3D Selfie. Recreate yourself with the technology that is no less than sheer magic. In a simple sense, it’s nothing but adding an extra dimension to your 2D Selfies through realistic figurines/3D Portraits. Made of typical materials like sandstone, these 3D Selfies are best known for their incredible details which include even the minute features like the frills of your dress. If you really want to understand what exactly it is just drop down to our studio and hold one of these in your hands, you’ll surely go speechless.

Let us know if you are interested to make a 3D Selfie of yourself.

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