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3D Capturing Systems

Photogrammetry System

Photogrammetry is an innovative technology used to take accurate measurements from photographs. It can recreate any object in 3D digital format through multiple cameras placed at specific locations in Photogrammetry Booth. It facilitates spontaneous and rapid data capture, which is extremely useful in digital 3D body form capture.  At 3D Sphere, our Photogrammetry system is powered by 89 high resolution cameras aiming at you to capture every minute detail in just blink of an eye.

Hand Held System

If in case it’s not possible to visit our studio during few crucial moments like marriages, our team will be at your location with portable hand-held 3D scanning system. Unlike Photogrammetry where cameras are placed in fixed positions, in Hand held System camera is manually rotated in 360 degrees around the subject.

1.       Ease to capture in any location

2.       Quick set-up

3.       Standalone device

4.       Portable & lightweight

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